12 Hilarious Pranks to Pull On Your Kids For April Fool’s

Good Old-Fashioned Fun

April Fool’s Day is a great excuse to get creative, be silly and make people laugh. We’ve compiled a list of some fun, harmless ways you can mess with your kids… just don’t blame us if they try to get you back.

1. Toilet Seat Surprise

Find a funny, scary or silly picture that can be taped underneath the toilet seat for a hilarious surprise. Be sure to put the top lid down to really catch them off guard.

Image courtesy of The Art of Doing Stuff

2. Sponge Cake… But Literally

Dress up a couple of sponges with icing and sprinkles to trick the kiddos into thinking you’ve made a sweet treat.

Image courtesy of One Crazy House

3. Jelly Bean Dispenser

Swap out the ice in your ice dispenser for jelly beans or another candy of choice. You’ll be sure to get some smiles from this prank without any risk of tears. Just make sure your fridge isn’t set to “crushed” ice.

4. Grow Your Own Donuts

Give the kids “donut seeds” to plant outside or in a planter. You can use cheerios, a plastic baggy, homemade label and stapler/ribbon to make a baggy of fake seeds. Click here for a printable label.

When the kids are sleeping, place real donuts on a stick/straw in the same location as the “seeds” were planted. They’ll be excited to see their seeds really worked!

Left image courtesy of Laughing Squid, Right image courtesy of Create Craft Love

5. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

Step 1: Find a piece of glass or smooth surface
Step 2: Prep your surface using a bar of soap
Step 3: Use white glue to design a “milk splatter”
Step 4: Let the glue dry, then peel it off
Step 5: Place your splatter strategically

Image courtesy of Instructables

6. Special Edition Oreo

Does this count as getting your kids to brush their teeth? Pull apart a bunch of oreos, scrape off the middle with a knife and replace it with white toothpaste. Cookie anyone?

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

7. Cereal “On The Rocks”

Pour a bowl of cereal with milk, stick a spoon in and leave it in the freezer overnight. Serve it to your kid the next morning for a funny surprise.

Image courtesy of One Crazy House

8. Balloon Avalanche

What a way to wake up! After blowing up a collection of balloons, secure them against your kid’s bedroom door using streamers. When they open their door in the morning they’ll get a wild balloon avalanche!

Image courtesy of Fun With Mama

9. 52 Pick Up, With a Spin

Take a deck of cards out of the box and hide it ontop of a ceiling fan. Ask your kid to turn on the fan and watch it rain Kings and Queens.

Image courtesy of Busy Toddler

10. Spying Eyes

Create the illusion that someone or something is hiding in the bushes with this simple trick. Use empty toilet paper rolls to cut out “eyes”, fill each roll with a glow stick and place your glowing eyes in the dark somewhere. Spooky!

Images courtesy of The Funny Beaver

11. Instant Cheese Juice

Fill up a juice jug with water and mix in a packet of powdered cheese to make it look like orange punch. Let’s hope they don’t end up actually liking it…

Image courtesy of Just Imagine

12. DIY Fortune Cookie Messages

Use a pair of tweezers to pull out the original fortune cookie message and replace it with your own version. Get creative with it!

Image courtesy of The Cheese Thief