5 Hidden Gems to try for LocalLicious!

If you haven't already!

It’s finally Friday and after a long week of hard work, the last thing you want to do is spend more time and energy cooking. Well, you don’t have to because LocalLicious is here and there are tons of amazing restaurants to choose from including a few hidden gems that might have slipped through the cracks!

B’Spoke Kitchen ($15, $25, & $30)

First up on the list is B’Spoke Kitchen which brings together several restaurant brands in one place for a unique culinary experience. For LocalLicious, B’Spoke bowls are paired with Perogi+ for a delicious combo with tons of choices. With three different price ranges, you can find the right meal to fill you up!

Grillicious ($20 & $30)

To be a successful food truck, there’s only one thing you can rely on and that’s good food. To be a successful food truck that becomes a restaurant though, the food has to be spectacular. Grillicious has a lunch and dinner menu for LocalLicious and they are both loaded with delicious choices like pork spring rolls, beef sandwiches, and chicken Thai curry.

Horsepower ($30)

Besides getting to fill your belly with boneless chicken thighs, roasted mushroom and thyme soup, black forest crepes, and more, Horsepower’s LocalLicious menu has a special offer you won’t find anywhere else: Picking up dinner from them will also score you a free ticket to a Barrie Colts hockey game!

Linx Kitchen ($25 & $30)

While you would normally be visiting Linx to play a little indoor golf, the food that comes out of the Linx Kitchen might just be Barrie’s best-kept secret. Their LocalLicious menu includes two different packages to choose from and includes spring rolls, burgers, ribs, dessert tacos, and more!

Bad Lucy’s ($25)

If you’re in the mood for chicken, Bad Lucy’s has the juiciest, most delicious fried chicken around. For their LocalLicious menu you can choose between chic bites or wings for an appetizer, boneless or bone-in fried chicken for a main, and a decadent chocolate torte for dessert, all served with coleslaw, scalloped potato, and a dill pickle!

HQ Taphouse ($15, $25, & $30)

Decisions, decisions. With a lunch menu including Italian wraps, chicken sandwiches, and pasta salads, and two different dinner menus (one for $25 and one for $30) that includes seafood linguini, steak, lasagna, and all kinds of chicken, the only problem you’re going to have is picking just a few things to eat!

Featured image courtesy of Ella Olsson via pexels.com