5 places to grab some pub food for Localicious!

It's the simple things in life...

The list of restaurants participating in Localicious is as long as it is spectacular. Supporting local has never been easier and this list is all about pubs (although we’re playing it a little fast and loose with the term pub)! Burgers, wings, and all your favourite pub fare is just a call away. Here are all the best places to grab some pub food for Localicious!

British Arms/Wickie’s Pub ($30)

First up is British Arms/Wickie’s Pub and they’re kicking off the list right proper! There are tons of options to choose from but some of our favourites are mini Yorkshires, Lamb Shanks, Buffalo chicken Greek salad, and the mango coconut cheesecake. That’s only a small taste so check out the full Localicious menu!

Cookstown Pub ($30)

If you’re looking for something of a hidden gem, we can easily recommend the awesome Cookstown Pub. Even if you’re from Barrie, it’s worth the short drive! Start with a daily soup special, move onto a stuffed pork lion, and end finish off with a warm brownie and vanilla ice cream! There’s plenty more on their full Localicious menu!

Donaleighs ($30)

Look, if you’re from Barrie (or even the surrounding area), we probably don’t have to tell you about this downtown staple. However, what we will tell you about is Donaleighs amazing Localicious menu which includes a Caesar salad, soup of the day, Dublin meatloaf, four-cheese gnocchi, and maple bread pudding!

Hooligans ($20)

Another downtown Barrie staple that needs no introduction, Hooligans is coming in hot with a scorching deal for Localicious! Soup or salad to start, followed by a tough choice between jerk chicken lettuce wraps, chicken sandwich, Hoolies smashed burger, or a sirloin baseball steak. For dessert, you will be wrapping your lips around an ultimate stuffed cookie!

Malones Pinthouse ($25)

If you’re looking for another great deal, Malones Pinthouse’s Localicious menu is only $25 and they are even offering $5 delivery within Barrie! If our math is correct, that puts it in line with most of the other restaurants but you get free delivery! There are a few choices to wrestle with but our favourite is the mushroom swiss burger!

Featured image courtesy of Vincent Rivaud via pexels.com