13 things to do on Family Day that will put a smile on your face

with your family, of course!

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Family Day is awesome! A nice break smack dab in the middle of winter. You may choose to spend some good fun time with family, or it may be a perfect opportunity to take a breath, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Luckily, there are more than a few ways to accomplish all these goals!

Random Acts of Virtual Kindness

Take a few minutes today to show some support and love to your favourite local businesses! Many people may not know the power of Google and online reviews, especially to small local businesses. Family Day is the perfect day to show your love to some of your favourite local shops, restaurants and more by leaving some awesome google reviews! 

Family Paint Night

YouTube is chock-full of awesome tutorials and step-by-step guides to create your very own masterpiece. Setting the family up for an afternoon of creative fun will always be a Family Day winner. You could even go with an absolute classic and follow along with Bob Ross because all 31 seasons (403 episodes) are available for free on YouTube!

Learn A New Hobby Together

With all this extra time (stuck) inside, you probably picked up a new hobby or two. Well, Family Day is the perfect opportunity to starting learning another one and it can be even more fun and fulfilling if you do it with someone else. Learning a new language is so much easier if you have a partner or why not maximize your Instagram potential with some online photography tutorials?

Play Games over Zoom

We’ve all been Zooming our life away lately but instead of just chatting online, there are quite a few games that are relatively easy to play over the internet. A game of trivia is super easy thanks to this Random Trivia Generator, a game of Pictionary too with this Pictionary Generator, or play one of the over 1500 board games available on Tabletopia.

Baking Contest

One way to add a little extra fun to cooking is to turn it into a light-hearted competition. Find a relatively simple recipe or design and have everyone in the house (or do it over zoom!) attempt to recreate it. Everyone votes on who did the best job and that person gets to eat all the leftovers…just kidding!

Play Some Board Games

If you and your family aren’t the competitive types, busting out Monopoly, Uno or Risk may not be the best choice. Especially if it’s tables getting flipped instead of cards or dice. Good thing there are quite a few amazing cooperative board games that will pit the family against a common problem instead of one another. For example, Pandemic (though, that one is a little on the nose) and Castle Panic.

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Play Among Us

You might have heard a new word enter your family’s vocabulary recently: “sus”. Short for “suspect”, this comes from a game that has taken the world by storm called Among Us. If someone in your house can’t get enough of that game, joining them for a few matches might just make their day. The good news is that not only is it a lot of fun but it’s also a relatively simple game to learn with easy controls and gameplay. It’s also completely free to play right on your phone!

Family Spa Day

Lately, we all need to take a load off and what could be better than turning Family Day into a Zen filled day of relaxation. Dim the light, throw on your favourite moody music, and be sure to dress comfortably! Face masks, painting nails, and massages are all on the table and sorry to the guys out there, but you’re not off the hook! Trust us though, you’ll enjoy it more than you might think!

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Whether you want to do it inside or outside, there are a ton of different ways to create a scavenger hunt at home that are easy and fun. The easiest way is to look up a ready-made list of clues online that point kids in the direction of everyday objects like clocks, desks, and chairs. Another way is to make your own list of objects to find and you can even turn it into a photo scavenger hunt by having them take pictures of the objects as proof that they found them!

Make Funny Powerpoints

PowerPoint can be an incredibly powerful tool to help convey information or persuade people to you side of thinking, whether that be reporting financials or training people. We think it has a better use though, like ranking your families celebrity crushes by order of likelihood or showing off your friends most embarrassing baby photos over zoom!

Have A Movie Marathon

To be fair, there are fewer and fewer new movies coming out lately but if you’re like us, you probably still have a long list of films in your backlog. If (somehow) you’re all caught up, you could always pick some of your favourites to re-watch while you grab your favourite snacks and curl up on the couch for a movie marathon. You can always cheat slightly and stream a series too!

Karaoke Night

Take your talents from the shower to the living room and let out your inner superstar with a night of karaoke. Whether you’re a good singer or not (it’s so much more fun if you aren’t), a karaoke night is always a blast. It’s also super simple thanks to the Stingray Karaoke YouTube channel which has hundreds of hours of all the best karaoke classics available for free.

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Self Care & Reflect

Take some time for yourself. Have a bath. Read a book. Listen to the radio or a podcast. Give yourself a moment to look inward and think about how you’ve been coping. We’re all living through a massive shared traumatic experience. It’s important to check in with yourself and check in with those around you. Sometimes people won’t ask for help, even though they may need it. If you’re looking for some resources, you can download the free Family TLC app or check out the Family TLC Facebook page. It filled with information covering a wide range of topics and issues.      

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