Attempted Child Abduction In Barrie

Police confirm a man showed up uninvited to a Catherine Drive Friday afternoon

Keep an eye on your kids.

Barrie Police confirm a man attempted to abduct a pair of children, ages 4 and 7, from a property on Catherine Drive in the south end late Friday afternoon.

The woman says she’s shaken up but wanted to spread awareness.

The man slammed his brakes on while leaving his car running, jumped out of his car staring at my children and started running towards them.

I stood where he could then see me. We locked eyes and he looked shocked that I was there turned around and ran back into his vehicle and took off down my street!

It happened so quickly that I couldn’t get the proper license plate or make of the vehicle.

– Excerpt from Facebook post

Suspect Description

  • White man
  • Between the age of 30 to 40
  • Sandy dark blonde hair
  • Glasses
  • Facial hair but not scruffy
  • Dressed in what looked like someone that worked in an office on a casual Friday
  • Average height and average build

Car Description

  • Shiny black, 4 door car with tinted windows

Peter Leon with Barrie Police says the mom did everything right especially calling police and reporting.

Leon notes this appears to be an isolated incident.