Barrie’s Latest Motto Wasn’t Very “Well Played” According to Councillor

City Hall backpedaling on motto

There’s one councillor at the table who thinks Barrie’s rebranding in 2017 missed the mark.

“We got it wrong,” Morales told Barrie 360, “it wasn’t well-received, and sometimes it’s okay to change.”

Well played has a social, cultural connotation of getting tricked,” Morales added. “Well played is because we have a lot of playing activities and outside activities in Barrie; if you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny.”

“I think people didn’t understand Well played,” said Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, “I think Well connected has always worked very well and spoke to Barrie’s strength. The reception we got from Well connected was very positive, in my experience. Well played, I think, confused some people, put some people off, in terms of its slightly sarcastic bent to it.”

Morales says the mottos “Well played” and “Well connected” have garnered more negative feedback than positive, and would like the slogans removed from the two City of Barrie signs along the 400. The cost to remove the signs could around $2,000. “Two guys in a truck, taking a couple of bolts out,” Morales told Barrie 360.

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Barrie City Hall spent $25,000 renovating the signs to include not just the motto, but a new logo, back in 2017.

Lehman says the major piece of the branding exercise was the new logo developed for the city, the first new logo in about 30 years for Barrie.  He says that is not going to change. Lehman says that Barre’s brand has always been about what the city is—it’s waterfront, lifestyle and the incredible people that do incredible things here. The mayor says the city has to find something that captures that a little better, “let’s make it mean something and let’s make it speak to who we think we are as a city.”

A final vote on the matter is expected at next week’s meeting of council.

Images courtesy City of Barrie