Break Out The Shovel In The Name Of Fire Safety

Community Urged To Clear Snow Around Fire Hydrants

Barrie Fire is asking you to adopt a fire hydrant.

As the snow continues to pile high, hydrants become covered or obstructed, leading to accessibility issues for fire crews.

Home owners are being asked to clear the areas around hydrants, and your neighbours too.

The City of Barrie has their own program for clearing around hydrants, but it’s a good idea to help them out

Barrie Fire Chief Corey Mainprize says “Obviously with thousands of hydrants in the city, there can be delays by the time the city crews catchup to them.”

He adds, “We never know when a fire is going to occur, so getting help from our community to speed up the location and connection process is greatly appreciated.”

Mainprize says if you do clean around the hydrants, feel free to send them a picture through Facebook or twitter at @barrie_fire