Community Spotlight: Lucy’s Place

affordable community housing

Redwood Park Communities has partnered with the David Busby Centre, the City of Barrie, and the County of Simcoe to transform what was formerly Barr’s Motel, into 12 affordable, bachelor sized apartments.

Renovation of the location has been ongoing for close to a year and the before and after results speak for themselves. The collection of units has been given the name ‘Lucy’s Place” to commemorate a homeless woman who had past away in 2014. There is also an addition 6 suits that are being renovated in the building next door to the motel that will focus on individuals who are struggling with addiction.

Lucy’s Place is inviting the community to “adopt” units to help support the project, there are a few units in the main faculty left and four left in the building next door. Adopting a unit would be a 5-year commitment for $40,000 and would give more people a chance for a place to call home.

Lucy’s Place