Community Spotlight: The Cenotaph Project

A Fresh Look At Barrie's Military History

It’s easy to walk by the Cenotaph in Downtown Barrie without giving it so much as a passing glance. It is, of course, a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices made by the most courageous of men. However, after a while, as most things do, it can begin to blend into the background.

The Cenotaph Project (presented by Theatre By The Bay) looks to shine a fresh spotlight on Barrie’s history with a fictitious look at the lives of some of the people whose names grace the wall of the Cenotaph. Director Leah Holder hopes to inspire people to look at the monument in a whole new way.

The play will run from July 17th to 28th at the Five Points Theatre. You can check out all the details on their website.