Canadian study suggests COVID-19 during pregnancy means 10 times higher risk of ICU admission

Also a higher chance of needing a C-section or a pre-term birth

A briefing document from Ontario’s Science Advisory table says the risks of COVID-19 during pregnancy include a higher chance of needing a C-section or a pre-term birth.

Further, the paper suggests individuals who are pregnant are five times more likely to be admitted to hospital for COVID-19 than others, and 10 times more likely to be admitted to an ICU.

The briefing document suggests seven to 15 per cent of pregnant individuals with COVID-19 will experience moderate to severe disease requiring hospitalization.

Women’s health experts say aside from basic precautions, getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent serious COVID infection, noting the vaccines approved for use in Canada have proven both safe and effective during pregnancy

Alberta has declared a state of emergency as COVID-19 cases continue to surge.

Premier Jason Kenney says he had no choice but to reintroduce certain restrictions. Among them,
physical distancing in public, a ban on some indoor, private social gatherings, and ordering people to work from home.

Kenny also said the government made a mistake when it decided over the summer to treat COVID-19 as an “endemic” illness like the flu. “It is now clear that we were wrong — and for that, I apologize.”

“The government’s first obligation must be to avoid large numbers of preventable deaths. We must deal with the reality that we are facing. We cannot wish it away,” he said. “Morally, ethically, and legally, the protection of life must be our paramount concern.”

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Elections Canada says if you test positive for COVID-19 between now and election day on Monday you will not be able to vote due to the mandatory isolation period.

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