UPDATE: Collingwood Colts chosen to revive junior hockey in the town

Colts (OJHL) will occupy Eddie Bush Memorial Arena for the 2019/2020 campaign

March 12

Collingwood Council has chosen the Colts organization to revive Junior hockey in the town. The Collignwood Colts will begin play at Eddie Bush Arena in the 2019-2020 season.

March 11

A verdict is set to be handed down tonight as to which league will be the one to bring Junior Hockey back to Collingwood.

Town council have heard the presentations but now it’s time to decide whether it’ll be an Ontario Junior Hockey League or Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League franchise inside the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena.

Dave Steele, who has partnered with Barrie Colts Owner and President Howie Campbell for the ‘A’ bid, says they’re preparing like they’ve been approved.

“Every team in the province right now is gearing up for their Spring camps, discovering their prospects and hiring their staff. We’re doing likewise but we’re doing it more on a smaller scale because we do want to make sure that we have the venue. That seems to be the bulk of our focus right now and time is working on the bid and preparing ourselves to prove to the town of Collingwood that we’re not only the most experienced but we’re also the smartest choice that they have to make here,” Steele says.

The other group includes Andy Pritchard and former Collingwood mayor Terry Geddes, which has already been granted an application for an expansion Junior ‘B’ franchise in the GOJHL.

What if the answer from council is No?

Steele’s answer: “There won’t be a single regret we’ve worked so hard and invested a great deal of time. it’s been about a year now in preparation for this opportunity. Whichever way the council votes we’re 100 percent happy and supportive of the fact that Collingwood is going to get junior hockey back. It’s really a win win for the town of Collingwood”.

Ever since coming forward with the intention to bring as junior team back to Collingwood, Steele notes the support is overwhelming

“We had a website put upon and I was contemplating taking it down for a little bit because there was just so much response from many in Simcoe County and more specifically in Collingwood of support; Whether it pertains to volunteerism or those looking for opportunities to help the team get going. It’s exciting for me because having strong community support behind your team is paramount in success for any junior hockey organization”.

If successful the Junior ‘A’ franchise would be called the Collingwood Colts.

If the Junior ‘B’ bid is the one that wins the team will be named the Admirals.

Proposed logo for Collingwood Admirals (GOJHL)

The name and proposed logo created some discussion as there is an Admirals franchise in the OJHL that utilizes a similar logo.

Brampton Admirals logo (OJHL)

That prompted a response from the Arsenault Hockey Group, which owns the Brampton Admirals.

“We (Arsenault Hockey Group) wish to deny rumours that the new Collingwood Admirals Junior B team has unlawfully used our Admirals logo. President David Arsenault voted in favor of the new Collingwood Admirals and welcomes them into the GOJHL league with his Brampton Bombers.”

The release goes onto say: “The Admirals logos for Brampton Junior A and Collingwood Junior B, like a multitude of logos out there, bear very close resemblance and both teams will continue to brand themselves in their perspective leagues using these logos with unique colour change and slight difference in the design. Neither club has trademarked the logo nor infringed on the other’s chosen identity and in fact feel the use of the similar logos in two different leagues will only strengthen the Admirals name and brand in Ontario Junior Hockey”

The Barrie Colts hosted a pre-season game in Collingwood back in September which drew 1,703 fans.

The Collingwood Blackhawks (formerly Collingwood Blues) folded in 2011 and was part of the OJHL.