Do you have Halloween spirit? Prove it!

and win some prizes too

If you spend countless hours every year decorating your house for Halloween, we have good news! This year, you might just be able to get a little extra something for all that hard work thanks to the Best Halloween Spirit Contest.

The Rotary Club of Barrie’s Best Halloween Spirit Contest will have three different ways for you to enter with a choice between Best House (winner receives a Napoleon Rogue 525 Propane Grill), Best House Door (winner receives a Bradford Greenhouse Gift Card), or Best Pumpkin (winner receives a Napoleon Cinema 24 Log Electric Fireplace). Make sure to pick the category you’re best at because it’s only one entry per Barrie address!

If you think you’ve got the best house on the block, head over to the Rotary Club of Barrie’s Facebook page and share a picture of your entry. If you’re not the decorating type you can also make a donation here.

Featured image of Artie Siegal via