Double-check Your Property In Midland After Sewer System Overflow

Officials point to overnight rain as the main culprit for the breach

An overflow of the sewer system in Midland.

The town points to the rain overnight as the main culprit for the breach.

“A sewer overflow is when sewage from the sanitary and combined collection systems overflows to the environment. It is often a result of the sewers being too full – typically because of excessive groundwater and stormwater entering the sewer system during heavy rains or rapid snowmelt. “

Some of the extra water is collected by combined sewers. Some of it comes from leaky pipes and maintenance holes and illegally-connected sump pumps, foundation drains and roof downspouts.

It’s not clear if any homes or businesses were affected by the higher waters or sewage.

The Town of Midland has launched a study to determine where sewer overflows exist and potential solutions.