Downtown Barrie has a new public art piece

Honouring the memory of a prominent Barrie Resident

A new public art piece has been installed in Downtown Barrie honouring the memory of Robert Hunter, a Barrie resident who helped build up and inspire Barrie’s creative community.

Robert Hunter was born in 1929 and was an active member of both the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. After developing a passion for music throughout his life (and playing in several bands himself) he felt so strongly that Barrie needed an outdoor venue near the waterfront for residents that he submitted a proposal to acquire funding for one in 1999. While that project was never realized, it is very similar to the design and location of Barrie’s current outdoor venue in Merdian Place.

Titled “The Horn and The Heart” this sculpture was funded in collaboration between Hunter’s Family and the Barrie Public Art Committee. The Horn and The Heart combines a love of art, Robert Hunter’s favourite instrument, and artist John Ewen’s signature laser-cut style to create a unique work that expresses Barrie’s intimate and storied relationship with the arts.

Featured image courtesy of the City of Barrie via