Federal Conservatives Release Environment Plan

Leader Andrew Scheer acknowledges the Conservatives would put price on carbon to cap big emitters if elected

120 days our from the election climate change and the environment continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

Photo courtesy of Andre Forget/OLO

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who’s been critical of the Liberal’s Carbon Tax, acknowledges if his government is elected they’d put price on carbon to cap big emitters.

“We will set… that cap, we will allocate those funds, but it’s not a tax,”

Conservative leader andrew scheer

Real Plan To Protect Our Environment Details

  • Force large-scale polluters (those who emit more than 40 kilotonnes/year) to reinvest in certified emissions-reducing technology a set amount for every tonne they emit over the limit, instead of paying penalties to the government.
  • Conservatives would set the emissions target, and would set the amount these companies and factories will have to spend on clean technology.
  • The 60-page plan also includes 55 policy proposals aimed at supporting green technology innovation, and protecting the environment.

The key difference between a tax and this plan is that the government doesn’t collect this revenue. This is a process, a mechanism whereby these emitters can invest in reducing their emissions.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

Scheer has billed his plan as Canada’s “best chance” to meet the Paris targets without a carbon tax.