Federal Funding For NVCA

$138,777 will be kicked in from the Environmental Damages Fund

An injection of money for the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority.

$138,777 being kicked in from Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund.

The money set to improve water quality in rivers and lakes, restore habitat, plant trees and reduce farm runoff.

“I am very excited for this opportunity. It helps address current issues in our watershed, such as bacteria and phosphorus levels in our rivers and lakes, and building resilient habitat to benefit both plants and animals.”

Shannon Stephens, NVCA Healthy Waters Program Coordinator

These projects will take place on public and private lands throughout the entire Nottawasaga Valley Watershed over the next three years.

How the funding will help

  • Approximately 43.5 hectares of forests will be planted along 3.2 kilometres of streams
  • Improvement of water quality in the surface and ground levels, reduce flooding and create fish habitat
  • Wetlands will also be created to enhance biodiversity hot spots and reduce flooding
  • Collingwood Coastal Wetlands and the Minesing Wetlands will also be more protected from invasive Phragmites.
  • Farmers will have the opportunity for projects like cover crops, farmland stream buffers and windbreaks to divert 120 kilograms of phosphorus, and 20 tonnes of soil per year from the streams in the Nottawasaga Valley Watershed

Banner image courtesy of Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority