Federal Government Examining Free Menstrual Products In Workplace

Products such as tampons could be in the same group of supplies employers must provide free

If you work in a federally regulated workplace, you might soon have free menstrual products.

The governing Liberals is proposing to put products, such as tampons, in the same group of supplies employers must provide free, which includes toilet paper, soap, warm water, and a way to dry your hands.

The notice launches a 60-day consultation to figure out what products are needed and how to take into account the cost the move might have on businesses.

There would be questions about how to provide products in trains and aircraft, for instance, where there may space limits or where workers share washrooms with the public.


  • Proposed rules would apply to the 1.2 million workers in the federal labour force (banks, telecommunications and transport workers)
  • The rules would affect about 40 per cent of the federal workforce (480,000 workers)