First Of Its Kind To Combat Human, Sex Trafficking

The Centre To End Human Trafficking unveils a hotline

The Centre to End Human Trafficking unveils a hotline to help further combat the problem

1 (833) 900-1010

The hotline will provide informed responses to victims, crisis responses when necessary & referrals to social service providers & law enforcement.

This hotline will provide critical resources to victims and survivors and will help law enforcement dismantle human trafficking networks across the country. People find it hard to believe, but human trafficking is a real threat to vulnerable individuals across this country. Law enforcement officials and survivors tell us that the statistics grossly underestimate the number of individuals, many of them children, trapped by this human rights abuse. We all have a moral and an ethical obligation to make a positive difference, and the hotline is a vital step in this process.”

Barbara Gosse, CEO for the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking

The hotline has adopted a three-prong approach to making a difference on this issue:

  • Respond: Leverage the hotline to immediately support and help victims/survivors; ensure a 24/7 response; and gather primary data that is critical to understanding the crime
  • Equip: Use data to define all the types of trafficking in a given area; learn how the criminal networks operate; identify opportunities for intervention; and provide accurate information to educate and make the public aware
  • Disrupt: Mobilize disruption campaigns to target specific types of trafficking