From Making Lunches To Makin’ Whoopee

How To Keep The Sex Life Going While Juggling Parenthood

One afternoon in the Barrie 360 newsroom, talk between co- workers somehow turned to a T.M.I conversation about how we have all nearly been caught by our children… doing the deed. This led to even more hilarious conversations about clever ways we keep an active sex life as a parent. Oh… who are we kidding? Any sex life as a parent. 

We reached out to local moms and dads to find out how they manage to find the time to couple up and reconnect. Date nights are awesome and oh- so- needed but not always possible. 

Numerous people say they wait to reconnect with their partners when the kids are napping, or in bed for the night; but you don’t have to wait for bedtime. Many parents told us they make sure the kids are safe and occupied with books, games or television (thank you Boss Baby!) and sneak away for a shower together and a quickie. Don’t forget to raise the volume on the TV.

Night time is obviously the ideal time when you want to take it slow; but what do you do when your kids are older and no longer in the confines of a crib? One dad  says his kids regularly wake after going to bed to use the bathroom, so a good lock on the door is a must. 

 Another dad told us he and his wife sometimes wait till the middle of the night “If one of us wakes up for whatever reason we will see if the other is up for it; by that point you’ve had a few hours sleep and not as tired anymore.” It’s a 50/50 shot! 

If you have a basement, you can retreat to it and threaten the kids with extra chores if they come downstairs. As one Barrie mom told us “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

Obviously there will be many times that you are just plain tired. We have all been there. Many moms commented on how sex isn’t the only way to stay close. A hug in the hallway, kiss in the kitchen and just being  playful and affectionate with each other can make all the difference.  

“We were just wrestling.”

Local dad

All this being said; sometimes the best “laid” plans fail. What happens if you’ve been caught? There’s always the good ole “we were just wrestling” excuse and hope they don’t realize what they just witnessed.