Give Room For Authorities To Work On The Highway

2018 saw the OPP lay 1,891 charges against drivers who failed to slow down and move over

With it being the long weekend, don’t forget to give way to emergency vehicles on the roadside.

The Ontario Provincial Police have laid over a thousand charges (1,891) in 2018 against drivers who failed to slow down and move over; that was the highest number of annual charges for this offence since the law was enacted in 2003.

There have been close to 700 incidents in the past five years in which an OPP vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked or stopped on the roadside. When our officers and emergency partners are assisting people on the roadside, please slow down and move over if safe to do so, and help them get home safely to their families.

Thomas Carrique, Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

Since 1989, five OPP officers have been killed after being struck by an approaching vehicle while carrying out their duties on the side of the road.

When you see an emergency vehicle or tow truck helping someone in distress, reduce your speed and move over. This simple action will help first responders do their job safely. Stay alert, avoid driving distractions and always take caution while on the road for everyone’s safety.

Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General

The OPP has laid more than 9,000 Move Over charges in the last five years.