UPDATE: Overwhelming Support Following Humane Society Theft In Alliston

Alliston and District Humane Society report the losses from the break-in have been covered

April 19th

The losses in a break-in at the Alliston and District Humane Society have been covered.

Vice-President Jane Clarke says the organization is overwhelmed by the response from the community and beyond.

Our open house saw a huge mountain of supplies and replacements for our Walkadogathon come into the shelter. Many people walked in with cheques and monetary donations. Our treasurer is working hard to deal with all the monetary donations that came in through our website.

A gentleman walked into the shelter with a cheque for $5000. Local businesses have been incredibly supportive. We have several offers to install a new security system with cameras, and many offers to hold fundraisers for us.

Two local grocery stores have made substantial donations of animal food and shelter supplies!

Alliston & District Humane Society Vice President Jane Clarke

The organization notes they’re working to prevent any further thefts.

We’ve put new locks on the outside containers and gone to buy lot of rubber containers to store the new donations for the Walkadogathon. We’ve had extra volunteers in helping put away the animal food and move donations to secure spots. It’s going to take a bit to get back to normal. We are looking at security cameras and installation next and we had a few offers to do that.

Alliston & District Humane Society Vice President Jane Clarke

April 13th

A theft that has many shaking their heads.

Nearly $5,000 worth of supplies from the local humane society in Alliston.

Ontario Provincial Police say someone broke into a storage container and made off with several animal crates, beds, dog coats, and cat trees.

The thieves also stole prizes, gifts and games meant for some crucial fundraisers for the humane society, including this weekend’s Easter-egg hunt and Raise the Woof dance.

A Go Fund Me account has been established to help recover from the losses.

Monetary donations can also be made online on the humane society website
Physical donations (see below) can be dropped off at PetValu in Alliston.

  • Outdoor lawn games for events
  • grand prizes for the Walk A Dog A Thon
  • kitten replacement milk
  • new dog beds
  • sturdy leashes
  • cat, dog, and small animal toys
  • cat and dog interactive toys
  • large storage bins
  • grass hay
  • kiln dried wood shavings