‘I Love Barrie’ contest winners honoured by City Council

Each winner made mention of the waterfront

The three winners of the I Love Barrie contest were recognized by City Council on Monday with a virtual thank you.

Over 110 entries were received from students at 19 elementary schools across the city who submitted artwork and short stories as to why they love Barrie.

The 5th annual I Love Barrie contest was held from Feb. 12 to Mar. 5.

Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3): Jack Prestwich, Grade 3, Assikinack Public School

Jack told city council he bought painting supplies and went to Minet’s Point. He admitted it got a little chilly and they had to go home.

Junior (Grade 4 to 6): Sadie Mitton, Grade 6, West Bayfield Elementary School

Sadie said her painting was about all the things she really enjoyed doing with her family.

“I really enjoyed going to the parks and going to the beaches on nice days. We walked the waterfront every single day, all the time, last year. We really missed going to Winterfest, and we love doing the walking trails.”

Intermediate (Grade 7 and 8): Eden Goreta, Grade 7, St. John Paul II Catholic School

Eden Goreta got to read her winning poem to city council.

“I believe that the people make the city, and the city shapes who we are. Barrie can make you feel safe, and bring people together, whether you’re volunteering at a shelter, or buying coffee for the person behind you at Tim Hortons. These simple acts of kindness define how we view Barrie and its people. Take our reliable police force, heroic firefighters, and life-saving paramedics, we depend on these courageous men and women every day.

“With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we still manage to make time for our loved ones, be it relaxing at Barrie’s gorgeous waterfront, enjoying a novel at the Painswick library, or exploring the weekly farmer’s market. Needless to say, summer has its fun, but winter is a whole different experience! Barrie is famous for our magical Winterfest, where you can do exciting activities like sledding, skating, and my personal favourite, eating maple taffy!

“But when it comes to my family, going out to sushi restaurants is our ideal
weekend treat. My favourite is Noble Cuisine, on Fairview. Me and my friends love eating fried ice cream there together. Another fantastic thing about Barrie is the dog park! I love taking my Australian shepherd there, and playing fetch! One of my favourite summer activities is enjoying the water park on the beach with friends. It’s a great way to cool off and have tons of fun at the same time. On the other hand, the Barrie public library is the absolute BEST way to spend a rainy day!

“But the best part of Barrie isn’t a building or landmark. The true best part of Barrie is the community that inhabits it. Without the people, our wonderful city wouldn’t even exist. like I said, the people make the city, and I know I’m proud to say I live in a city like Barrie.”