Life jacket, Lights And Impaired Boating Offences Over Canada Day Weekend

OPP Marine Unit laid the charges during 36 hours of patrol on Georgian Bay and Six Mile Lake

A busy weekend on the waters for the OPP Marine Unit.

Over 36 hours of patrol between Friday and Monday on Georgian Bay and Six Mile Lake.

3 offence notices to marine operators who were cited for consuming liquor on their vessels
9 operators for not having enough life jackets for all persons aboard the vessel
2 other charges under the Canada Shipping Act
2 operators for operating their vessels with insufficient lighting on their vessel for navigation
2 vessel operators lost their driving privileges after officers noted that they had been drinking prior to their vessel check

Officers were also tasked to search for and assist a canoeist and a windsurfer both of whom were caught in the wind along the Tiny Township Shoreline over the weekend.

Bottom line “Impaired Boating is Impaired Driving!”