Local Donors Helping Georgian Bay General Hospital

Conrad and Donna Huber made a donation of $21,000 to purchase items for the hospital

A significant investment in Georgian Bay Healthcare.

Conrad and Donna Huber, with the assistance of the Township, made a donation of $21,000 in 2015 to purchase items for the health hub

“We’re thrilled to receive these tools from the Township of Georgian
Bay and the Huber family. Much of the equipment was purchased for use during routine examinations in a primary care setting, but we have many areas that can put it to good use, such as the Emergency department, Obstetrics, Respiratory Therapy, the Operating Room and Ambulatory Care.”

Marnie Lightfoot, Director of Patient Care at GBGH

The items purchased include:

  • An examination table
  • Procedure light
  • Infant and adult weigh scales
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) unit
  • Vital signs machine
  • Ear flusher
  • Calibration syringe
  • Spirometry kit (for testing lung function)
  • Otoscope (for looking into ears)
  • Fetal doptone (to listen to a heartbeat during prenatal care)

“The Township is really a middle man in all of this, but we are so delighted the Hubers have chosen GBGH as a new location for all of this essential, high quality equipment. Together, we are making the most out of a situation we could not control. Making sure our residents have access to this equipment for acute care made this hospital a perfect choice.”

Peter Koetsier, Mayor of Georgian Bay Township