Marvel 616 might hold you over until 2021

For the past decade, it would have been unfathomable to imagine a year without a movie release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but 2020 has been full of surprises hasn’t it?

The last film that Marvel released was Spider-Man: Far From Home all the back in the summer of 2019 and we won’t get another one until May 7th, 2021 when Black Window hits theatres. However, if you’re craving for something (anything) to slake your comic book thirst, Marvel 616 might do the trick.

Marvel 616 is a documentary series with 8 episodes, covering 8 different stories all themed around the Marvel comics and universe, showcasing the intersection of fandom, storytelling, and pop culture.

You will be able to stream the entire series on November 22nd when Marvel 616 hits Disney+ in its entirety.

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