Officers Remove Impaired and Suspended Drivers

Pair of men stopped Thursday in Tiny Township and Midland

Busy day on North Simcoe roads for the Ontario Provincial Police.

A 34 year old North York man was stopped Thursday night on Highway 93 south of Wyebridge in Tiny Township.

He faces charges of:

  • Operation while impaired – alcohol and drugs
  • Operation while impaired – blood alcohol concentration (80 plus)
  • Speeding 50+ Km/h over posted limit
  • Race a motor vehicle – Excessive Speed
  • Driving motor vehicle with liquor readily available
  • Novice driver – B.A.C. above zero contrary to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario

Earlier in the day an officer patrolling King Street in Midland stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and further investigation resulted in charges against a 43 year old from Pickering

  • Driving while under suspension
  • Possess licence while prohibited
  • Fail to have insurance card