One Child Too Many In Hot Car Deaths In Canada

Research points to forgetfulness playing a role in deaths recorded between 2013 and 2018

It remains a concern when a child passes away in a hot car.

In the United States there’s a reported average of 39 heatstroke deaths per year involving children locked in cars.

A study from the Hospital for Sick Children concludes an average of one child per year in Canada succumbs in a sweltering vehicle.

The research in combination with Pediatrics and Child Health points to forgetfulness playing a role in four of the six deaths recorded between 2013 and 2018.

“Never leave a child unattended in a motor vehicle, even for a minute. That should be a rule that you make for yourself: even if I forgot something in the house, I need to run back in the house with the child.”

Study co-author Dr. Joelene Huber

Huber adds parents should arrange to have child-care providers call and sound the alarm if one of their charges is unexpectedly absent.

She also suggests parents implement a few habits meant to guard against forgetfulness, such as placing their cellphones in the back seat of the car whenever a child is sitting there.

Huber says Bystanders can also help, if you spot children alone in hot cars should call 911 immediately even if the child seems alright.