Ontario Politics Gets Personal For Actor Kiefer Sutherland

Calls out the Ford government for use of his grandfather's name

Actor Kiefer Sutherland wants the Ford government to stop using his grandfather’s name for its own political ends.

Ottawa MPP Lisa MacLeod recently wrote that former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas – a New Democrat – would have approved of Ontario’s moves toward fiscal responsibility. Premier Ford echoed the sentiment.

Douglas founded the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, which became the New Democratic Party, is recognized as the father of universal health care in Canada.

Sutherland said in a Twitter message that while his grandfather was fiscally responsible, balancing the Saskatchewan budget, it was not at the expense of social and human services to those in need. Adding he found the comparison of Ford policies to Douglas policies offensive.

He’s asked Ford to stop using the Douglas name as part of his political agenda.

He ended by saying, “…you Sir, are no Tommy Douglas.”

MacLeod responded on Twitter…