Everleigh Garden

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We all know the struggle that comes with finding the perfect gift for someone. Maybe you’re planning on spending countless hours searching online or perhaps you’re waiting for a beam of light to part the clouds and the perfect gift to fall from the heavens. You could do that…or you could just buy your gift from Everleigh Garden and make it easy (or better yet, just buy a gift for yourself and you know you’ll love it).

Looking to spruce up your Home & Garden? How about your Kitchen & Bar? Everleigh Garden has tons of products that will have your guest commenting on your decor from the moment they step foot on your lawn right up to when they walk out the door with garden and kitchen accessories, planters, lights, cookware, linens, and more.

After the guests have left, it’s time to start looking after number one and Everleigh Garden has everything you need to be looking good, feeling good, and relaxed. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, light some candles, and draw yourself a hot bath, all thanks to the one-stop-shop that is the Lifestyle & Wellness section.

If you love to shop and support your community at the same time, we have some good news for you. Eveleigh Garden is a proud supporter of local crafters and artisans with a fantastic selection of local products. From soaps to jewellery or anything else you might be looking for, just look for the shop local checkmark!