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HotBod Fitness: From boot-camps on the beach to a full studio

In a world where a simple scroll can take you past endless abs and muscles it’s easy to find millions of “how to” workouts from “fitness experts” who are flexing their brand of workout regime. Some of these people have extensive training and knowledge, but sometimes there’s very little ‘personal’ training ever happening. Others put in the work the old fashioned way. They start by training people wherever they can find some open space, a pull-up bar or some hills to sprint up.

HotBod Fitness King Drive in Barrie
HotBod Fitness Owner Christy Toms

For Barrie’s Christy Toms, it started with boot camps on the beach. Christy started HotBod Fitness and opened her first gym on Cedar Point Drive. Her brand of high intensity circuit style training took off and now she has a huge new space on King Drive. And like any good entrepreneur, Christy took advantage of the online boom, with popular social channels and online training.


Becoming a fitness entrepreneur in Barrie

For this edition of Movers & Makers, we spoke to Christy Toms about ‘becoming a fitness entrepreneur in Barrie.’Posted by Barrie 360 on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It wasn’t easy for Toms. “I had to work a part time job when I opened my first gym, so their was absolutely some hardships,” says Toms. Her literal blood, sweat and tears paid off in the long run though. Toms employs trainers, has an expanded studio and online presence.

HotBod Fitness King Drive in Barrie
HotBod Fitness Personal Trainer Teresa White 

“Our classes are not like your regular gym classes, most of our classes consist of High intensity circuit style training. We use many different types of equipment to make sure you never get bored and you are always getting results,” says Toms.

“We are tough, but we support each other.”

Christy Toms, Owner HotBod Fitness

Toms is tough but motivational and understanding. “I love pushing people to make positive changes in their life and I truly care about our clients health, happiness & well-being.”

HotBod Fitness King Drive in Barrie
HotBod Fitness Owner Christy Toms

The Reviews


I joined HotBod a little over a year ago and it has changed the way I think about fitness and working out. Instead of…

Posted by Nicole Mann on Friday, October 28, 2016

the place is fantastic. the trainers are absolutely fabulous. everyone is so welcoming and inviting.

Posted by Shannon Morritt-Fiorelli Archer on Tuesday, January 8, 2019