Provincial COVID-19 numbers as of Sunday, March 7

Province updates its numbers daily except holidays, the SMDHU does so Monday to Friday

Your main takeaway today:
The 1,299 new COVID-19 infections reported by the province on Sunday is the highest since the re-opening of Ontario in mid-February

Provincial COVID-19 numbers as per Public Health Ontario, updated daily by 11 a.m.

  • New cases reported Sunday: 1,299 (308,296 to date)
  • New recoveries reported Sunday: 1,105 (290,840 to date)
  • New deaths reported Sunday: 15 (7,067 to date)
  • Vaccine doses administered by Saturday at 8 p.m.: 30,192 (890,604 total doses administered, 271,807 people fully vaccinated)
  • Number of patients hospitalized as of Sunday: 606 (About 10 per cent of Ontario hospitals did not report any data)
  • Number of patients in ICU as of Sunday: 273 (179 on a ventilator)
  • Number of new tests processed by Saturday: 46,586
  • Percent positivity: 3.1 percent

Local COVID-19 numbers as per the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, updated Monday to Friday by 3 p.m.

  • Number of new cases reported Thursday: 35 (6,589 to date)
  • Number of variant-of-concern* (VOC) cases reported Thursday: 11 (216 to date)
  • Cases being screened for VOC: 138
  • Number of active cases as of Thursday: 439
  • Number of active VOC cases: 7
  • Number of new recoveries Thursday: 26 (5,906 to date)
  • Number of deaths reported Thursday: 0 (189 to date)
  • Number of people currently hospitalized due to COVID-19: 19
  • Number of vaccines administered Wednesday at 8 p.m.: 1,037 (45,199 to date)

*Variants of concern are derived from prior positive COVID-19 tests; the health unit rescreens prior positive test samples for a VOC, thus VOCs are not on top of new COVID-19 cases but a subset of them.

  • Tests run in Simcoe County last week: 228 per 100,000 people
  • Tests run in Muskoka District last week: 84 per 100,000 people
  • Percent positivity^: 2.2 percent

^Percent positivity is the percentage of positive tests among all tests run, and the goal is to get that number below 1.0 percent.

There were 27 outbreaks being reported in the region as of March 4, the most recent of which is Woods Park Care Centre in Barrie, declared February 28. Below is a summary of those outbreaks that can be publicly reported. Names of congregate settings and workplaces are not made public by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.