Railway right-of-way not the right way for pedestrians to get from here to there

Walking on the tracks is dangerous, puts lives at risk and is illegal

Nottawasaga OPP, responding to a rash of calls about people trespassing on railway tracks in Essa Township, has partnered CP Rail Police (CPPS) on a campaign to educate the public on the Rail Safety Act and the Trespass to Property Act.

“We welcome this opportunity to collaborate with our policing partners for this proactive safety initiative. The goal is to ensure the safety of our community members while near our Canadian Pacific Railway properties.”

– -Inspector Steve Ridout, Nottawasaga Detachment Commander

CPPS and Nottawasaga OPP will be patrolling the area through May 5 distributing rail safety information provided by Operation Lifesaver (OL) and, when necessary, enforcing railway trespassing laws to deter unsafe behaviour around railway tracks and trains.

All CPR, including rights-of-way and structures, like bridges, are private property and subject to railway trespassing laws.

Safety tips near the railway to be mindful of:

• Don’t bike down or near the tracks

•Don’t use railway tracks or the adjoining right-of-way as an ATV path

•Never walk on railway bridges

•Keep your dog on leash at all times around railway property

•Only cross tracks at railway crossings. Railway lines are private property, and walking on them constitutes trespassing. The only safe, legal place to cross a rail line is at a marked grade crossing

 •If your vehicle is stalled on the tracks get out, get away. Call 911

• Stay alert around railroad tracks. Refrain from texting, headphones or other distractions that would prevent you from hearing an approaching train

For more information, please visit www.operationlifesaver.ca.

banner image via Pixabay