Reported Rental Scam In Barrie

Police confirm a case of a woman posting ads to rent out a house that she doesn't own

Now that we’re into August, watch for scams even when it comes to finding a new place.

It’s never too early to reach out to police

Peter Leon, Barrie Police

Typically changes happen, whether it’s re-locating your family or even starting off post-secondary education.

Peter Leon with Barrie Police says if you’re selling, involving a Real Estate Broker and a Lawyer will only help

You’re going to make the person aware that this is what you’re doing. In advance you need to share that information.

If there’s a reluctance in information and the seller asks for money right away, take a step back and ask yourself ‘Is this really happening? Should it be happening this way?’

In this case, we’re aware of two individuals who had been defrauded by the same person with respect to this residence.

We can use this as an example to share with the public and incorporate other frauds and scams that have happened that were aware of as well.

This continues the ongoing education process that needs to take place

Peter Leon, Barrie Police

In this rental scam a woman was posting advertisements on various sites to rent out a house that she doesn’t own.

The homeowner in this case approached Barrie 360 about his tenant, who police confirm has been previously charged with fraud.

Whatever scam it is Leon notes the perpetrator has one goal: to separate you from what rightfully belongs to you.