UPDATE: Suspected Scam Letter Turns Out To Be Genuine

Miscommunication at branch level to blame for confusion

12 noon

Bank of Montreal Investigations and Security Services Department has advised Barrie Police that recent letters sent to some customers requesting updated tax-related information were in fact legitimate.

BMO officials have confirmed that there was a miscommunication at the Branch level and efforts are underway to correct this.

8 am

A new scam making the rounds in town could darken your doorstep too.

Barrie Police have a copy of a flim-flam letter being sent out; it looks to be an official letter from the Bank of Montreal with a logo and everything. It would arrive in the mail, asking you to fill out a form with missing information and sending it back.

The Barrie Police Fraud Unit is reminding the public that personal information should never be provided online, over the phone or in this case, through documents that arrive in the mail, no matter how official looking that they may appear.

For additional information, please feel free to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Website.