Trio Of Impaired Driving Arrests Meant for a Busy Weekend for Police in Innisfil

All Occurring on 25th Sideroad

A pair of Friday the 13th arrests coupled with a Sunday evening collar kept police in Innisfil busy this weekend.

The first arrest came around 9:30 Friday evening; police operating a RIDE stop at 25th Sideroad and Big Bay Point Rd. in Innisfil say they could smell booze on the breath of a driver. A roadside breath test resulted in a Fail reading, after which a 37-year-old Orangeville woman was brought back to the station for further tests. She was subsequently charged with Impaired Driving.

About a half an hour after the first stop, police came across another. This RIDE check was on the 25th Sideroad at the 13th Line this time, but the circumstances were similar. The odour of alcohol was detected on a driver’s breath, and after failing tests at both the roadside and the police station, a 36-year-old Innisfil man was charged.

A single-vehicle crash brought police back to the 25th Sideroad around 6:30 Sunday evening, this at Roberts Road in Innisfil. The driver was found nearby and charged after breath tests resulted in readings of twice the legal limit. The 62-year-old Innisfil woman wasn’t hurt in the crash.