Barrie City Hall staff required to get COVID vaccine

Vaccination mandatory for some key staff

Barrie City Hall staff will have to roll up their sleeves if they haven’t done so already.

The City of Barrie is implementing a new COVID-19 vaccination policy for employees that requires all staff to provide proof they’ve gotten a COVID vaccine by September 20. This policy applies to both staff and volunteers, as well as certain contractors with the city.

Staff who have not been vaccinated or do not disclose their vaccination status by the due date will be required to attend mandatory education on the benefits of vaccines. They will be required to undergo testing at their own expense.

Given the nature of certain duties, some staff have been deemed a higher risk, in that they work with citizens who may not be vaccinated or masked. These employees are required to be fully vaccinated by October 29 or face disciplinary action. The same applies to those in positions with the city that are critical to the health and safety of the citizens of Barrie.

“The City of Barrie has a duty to provide safe environments for staff and the public,” said Michael Prowse, Chief Administrative Officer with the City of Barrie. “By introducing this new vaccine policy, we feel we are leading by example and doing our part to keep health and safety a top priority.”

Staff with valid reasons under the Ontario Human Rights Code will be granted an exemption from vaccine requirements, but these employees will be required to undergo COVID-19 testing on a regular basis.