What To Do With $18.6 Million?

Collingwood wants your say as to where the proceeds from recent asset sales should be allocated

The Town of Collingwood wants public input as to how to spend $18.6 million.

The money is in proceeds from recent asset sales.

The following options have been developed by staff as a starting point for Council and public discussion.

Debt Management

The total internal and external debt is $3,269,454.

Potential Project Funding

Several potential projects that the funds, or a portion of the funds, could be directed toward.

  • Collingwood Terminals
  • Seeking a Property in the Proximity of the Downtown Core and/or Waterfront Area
  • Accommodation Study

Internal Loan Fund

A continuation of debt management and long-term planning. The reason behind this suggestion is to create an internal fund that would reduce or eliminate the need for future debenture financing.


  • Hospital Reserve Fund
  • Working Capital Reserve Fund
  • Waterfront Master Plan Reserve Fund
  • Lifecycle Replacement Reserve Fund/Asset Management Plan (AMP)

Legacy Funds

Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. Council has an opportunity to create something that current and future generations will receive benefit from.

  • Community Foundation
  • Collingwood Legacy Fund

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