What you really want for Valentine’s Day

Women want rest, men want one-on-one time

When it comes to Valentine’s Day it seems there are two types of people. Those who think it’s a sweet holiday with a nice message about showing your love and appreciation, and those who think it’s a waste of money and time because “I show my babe I love them every day, why do I need one specific day?”

Whether you go all out on this day or just want it to pass quickly so you can get half-price chocolate on February 15th, at some point you will get or give a Valentine’s day gift. The traditional gifts are the heart-shaped box of sweets, flowers, and jewellery; but what are some other options?

We reached out on social media to find out what people really want for Valentine’s Day.

First, we asked the hard-working mommas out there and saw a recurring theme. They want to sleep! Sweet, wonderful, uninterrupted, quality sleep.

This is followed very closely by a clean house, and not having to cook dinner or clean up afterward.

Even though it’s a day for couples to be together, some people just want some space. Getting a massage or some pampering by themselves was also a popular item.

So, if you have that special lady in your life, make her dinner, clean the house, send her for a massage, and let her sleep in. Can’t go wrong there.

However, that’s not all ladies want. A traditional date night consisting of a dinner out and alone time will go a long way. I also heard a co-worker recently say that she hates flowers and doesn’t like sweets, so she wants some leather for her motorcycle. In the end, you should try to cater to your partners’ tastes. Or when in doubt, just ask.

And then there’s this very reasonable request. Ouch!

As for men, they want their partner. Pretty simple. Most said they want uninterrupted time with their significant other. A nice dinner out, and a chance to talk, one-on-one with their partner and no distractions from the kids and work.

It’s a bonus if they aren’t the ones doing the planning. As one dad put it “I want a nice evening out that I didn’t plan, and am just along for the fun ride.”

Well… There was also this…

Oh my! Peace & Love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

feature image courtesy of pxfuel