Why People Visit Gravenhurst

The Town received nearly 750 responses to help formulate the 2018 Visitors Report

Gravenhurst’s Visitor Survey program received nearly 750 responses to help formulate the 2018 Visitors Report.

The town partners with the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce, the Gravenhurst Business Improvement Area and Muskoka Tourism to uncover these findings

  • Most visitors are returning, and primarily here to visit friends and family
  • Visitors are travelling to multiple locations during their visit, especially if staying more than one day
  • Day-Trippers and Weekenders have the highest ratios of children and youth
  • Age groups between (18-30) make up the largest percentage of mid-week and extended visitors
  • An average of $864 is spent per group or $310 per adult, per visit.
  • Many of the specific wants and needs visitors have identified included providing later store hours, new restaurants, clothing and a movie theatre
  • Respondents cited a weekend farmers’ market, music events/festivals, boating/cruises, evening

“Gathering this data is an important first step in growing the sector locally. The demographics and feedback we received from visitors really helps local stakeholders to focus their efforts on filling common gaps or identifying new trends which can be built into new attractions or experiences to offer visitors and residents alike.”

Julie Crowder, Economic Development Coordinator, Town of Gravenhurst