6 Italian Restaurants you have to try for LocalLicious!


From pasta to pizza, LocalLicious has no shortage of amazing Italian restaurants to check out and we’ve got your must-try list! Give the oven a break and support local because LocalLicious is highlighting the best Simcoe County has to offer until April 25th!

147 ($30)

First up is the always fantastic, 147. Located right in the heart of Barrie, 147’s LocalLicious menu is as varied as it is delicious! Start off with soup, salad, or oven-baked Portobello before moving on to pasta, chicken, or pizza (or fish for a little bit extra). For dessert, you’ll be treated to Tiramisu, Cannoli, or Mango Mousse!

Casa Mia ($30)

If you like a little Greek flare with your Italian, Casa Mia is the place for you. Kick off your meal with soup, salad, or their amazing spinach and artichoke dip, continue with lightly-bread halibut, veal Oscar, or chicken carbonara, and finish off with either baklava or apple crisp!

Cicco’s ($30)

For 15 years, Cicco’s has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine and LocalLicious might just be the best time to try all of it! To start, there are spring greens, salmon cakes, or olive tapenade crostini, for dinner plates, there are Tuscany veal chops, handmade roasted red pepper fettuccini, or creamy chicken pasta, and for dessert, a homemade coconut cake!

Il Buco ($30)

While you can’t visit right now, one of the reasons Il Buco was named one of Canada’s 100 most romantic restaurants is because of the food! For their LocalLicious menu, you can start with a variety of salads like an Italian Salad, mixed vegetable salad, or beef carpaccio, for Entrees, you can choose between risotto primavera, fettucine alla boscaiola, polla alla pizzaiola, or pork tenderloin, and for dessert either lemon raspberry mousse or classic tiramisu.

Limoncello ($30)

If you’re a picky eater (or you’re just looking for a place with a ton of options) Limoncello‘s LocalLicious menu is packed with choices! To start you can pick between mini arancini, Caprese salad, Caesar salad, mussels, and the 41 maple salad, for mains, it’s between stuffed pork chop, eggplant tower, chicken marsala, salmon fillet or penne alla vodka, and for dessert, strawberry cheesecake, Sicilian cannoli, Nutella cannoli, or a cookie brownie.

Sicilian Gourmet ($30)

Another LocalLicious option if you’re looking for lots of choices, Sicilian Gourmet’s menu is loaded with starters, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, and chef’s specials. When we say loaded, we mean it so we won’t attempt to list everything here. You’re better off heading over to the website and checking out the full menu yourself!

feature image courtesy of cottonbro via pexels.com