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Daily Kickstart

The Daily Kickstart is your source for the day’s headlines. From local news, to provincial, national and international headlines, this will be your daily source to stay up to date. There are plenty of news podcasts, but what sets this one apart? It’s only 2 minutes and published early in the morning … so you can get a taste for what’s happening that you need to know about. Subscribe and listen every morning wherever you get your podcasts.

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What Barrie's Talking About

Barrie is one of the best cities in Canada … we’re a dynamic, growing and thriving community. Join us every week as we let you know what’s going on. From news to events, and everything in between. If it affects you, we’ll be talking about it.

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Take Two

Welcome to Take Two, the podcast that brings you more of the laughs, insights, and humour you love from the Rock 95 Morning Crew. Join hosts Craig, Bryan and MJ as they expand into a brand new podcasting adventure.

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Fifteen Minutes You'll Never Get Back

Introducing Fifteen Minutes You’ll Never Get Back, the new podcast hosted by Dale and Charlie. Join them every week for a condensed dose of their undeniable chemistry and non-stop laughter as they bring parts of their beloved morning show to your favourite podcast platform.

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Daily Trivia

Every weekday morning at 7:40 AM Dale and Charlie give you the chance to put your knowledge to the test in a quest for $1,000! Learn more at by visiting the website or listening live at 1075koolfm.com. Listen every day and play along with your friends, family and coworkers. NOTE - The $1,000 prize is only applicable to the on-air radio contest.

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