8 Essential Motorcycle Life Hacks

We've Compiled A Handy Little List

There is nothing quite like the feeling of riding your bike on the open road on a beautiful summer day. Whether you’re an experienced rider, or new to the motorcycle scene here are some easy tips that will keep you and your bike safe & happy this summer.

1. Stop Your Bike From Falling Over 

We’ve all seen it happen – a kickstand isn’t on stable ground and the next thing you know BOOM! Your bike has fallen over. It’s so easy to keep this from happening – just create a barrier. There are products you can buy for this purpose, but to be honest you can use just about anything to give the stand a little more stability. Crushed pop can, credit card, hotel key, hockey puck – take your pick.

2. Baby Wipes…For Everything

I know what you’re thinking – weird piece of advice. But trust me, it’s a good tip! Baby wipes can clean literally anything, and on a motorcycle that can be the difference between life & death. As any experienced rider knows, it is extremely important to keep your bike AND your riding gear in good condition. Baby wipes are a perfect solution to clean your bike in a pinch, and they are also great for cleaning your leathers. They’ll even keep the hide moisturized and stop them from cracking.

3. Keep Warm With Newspaper

When you left for your cruise with friends it was warm, right? Now you’re headed home and it’s downright frigid. Stuff some newspaper in your jacket! They’re easily available at almost every gas station, and lining your coat with newspaper will help cut the wind and also act as insulation.

4. Keep A Bit Of Gas In A Water Bottle

Take an empty water bottle and fill it up with gas at a gas station. It works just fine, costs less than a jerry can, and it’s much easier to transport, just stick it in a pocket or strap it to your bike.

5. Invest In A Bungee Net

You can strap anything to your bike with a bungee net. Seriously – anything. A bungee net is the cheapest, easiest and safest solution to carrying something on your bike. Doesn’t matter the shape or size, and they only cost around $15. Why don’t you have one yet?

6. Prevent Water On Your Visor With A Potato

Potatoes are starchy. Water doesn’t like starch. Cut a potato, rub the inside over your visor and you won’t have to worry about water droplets obscuring your vision ever again. Added bonus – no chemicals to strop away any anti-fog or anti-scratch coating.

7. Duct Tape Visor

Possibly the oldest trick in the book, but it’s still worth a mention here. Put a strip of tape across the top of your helmet’s visor to block the sun. There is nothing worse (or more potentially dangerous) than blinding late evening sun directly in your eyes. When sun isn’t an issue, stick the tape on the back of your helmet.

8. Above All Else, Stay Safe and Have Fun

OK – this SHOULD go without saying, but the most important thing you can do on your motorcycle this summer is stay safe. Follow the rules of the road, be visible, be aware of your surroundings and wear proper gear. Enjoy the ride!

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