A bright idea: City of Orillia reducing emissions by about 70 tonnes annually by switching to LED streetlights

Move to LED bulbs could save city about 40 percent on lighting costs too

The City of Orillia is saving up to 40 percent on its hydro bill by switching to LED.

Starting in August, Orillia will begin the process of upgrading its streetlights with LED bulbs. This move is expected to not only save 40 percent on lighting costs, but could see an annual reduction in the city’s streetlight energy consumption. “Once installed, we anticipate the new technology will reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions by 70 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gases stored in 80 acres of forest or the energy required to charge almost 9 million cellphones,” said Renee Recoskie, Manager, Property and Environmental Sustainability.

Around 3,300 streetlights will be upgraded throughout August and likely October too. It is expected the transition will represent minimal impact to traffic and the public at large.

“As a Council committed to a progressive and sustainable future, we are pleased to move forward with this significant upgrade to our streetlighting throughout the City,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “Moving to LED streetlighting with smart control technology will not only reduce the City’s environmental footprint, but will also reduce costs and enhance lighting quality.”

Included in this upgrade is the ability of the City to remotely monitor the entire streetlight network and determine lighting outages ata glance.