A physically distant flag raising to mark Pride Month in the City of Barrie

Fewer than ten people in attendance during Pride Month mainstay

Normally, an event like this draws a crowd. Not this year.

To celebrate Pride Month in the City of Barrie, Mayor Jeff Lehman and Councillor Keenan Aylwin were joined by representatives of Barrie Pride in raising the rainbow flag at City Hall on Thursday. There were fewer than ten in attendance and all kept their distance.

The raising of the rainbow flag is helping to mark an otherwise muted Pride Month across the city; Barrie Pride moved many of its events online this month and postponed others until it is safe to do so.

“Barrie Pride’s event calendar remains changeable due to our priorities of health and safety, and the impact of COVID,” Jessie Lawson, President of Barrie Pride, told Barrie 360. She went on to detail a Canada Day pride selfie contest is in the works, along with a celebration to mark International Non-Binary Day on July 14.

Visit the Barrie Pride Facebook page for details.