A total of 30 residents at a County-run long-term care home have tested positive for COVID-19

The COVID outbreak has killed four residents

The battle continues to combat a deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Simcoe Manor, a long-term facility in Beeton, managed by the County of Simcoe.

Another resident has tested positive for the virus, bringing the total to 30 the number of people living at the facility who are infected. The County said 17 of the active resident positive cases are asymptomatic, meaning they are exhibiting none of the associated symptoms. There have been 19 positive cases among staff.

Four residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have died. The County said a resident who passed away on Oct. 7, while receiving palliative care treatment, had a negative test result.

The County said on Friday it was seeking even more resources and assistance to combat the outbreak.