A woman’s place in Canada is in the kitchen?

Report; 70% of Canadian women experienced some form of inequality

Findings from a report released Tuesday suggests Canadian women feel women are expected to do the majority of household tasks like cooking and cleaning. Research from Plan International Canada shows over 80 per cent of women surveyed feel this way. The authors surveyed 1,452 women between the ages of 18 and 65 years-old. Of those women, 70 per cent say they experienced some form of inequality in their lifetime.

81 per cent of Canadian women feel women are expected to do the majority of cooking, cleaning and child rearing at home. (CNW Group/Plan International Canada)

There report also noted that 73 per cent of those women felt pressured to fulfill traditional female roles, like being a wife or mother.

“These Canadian results amplify the fact that gender-related norms, values and stereotypes still pose potent barriers to women achieving equal power. Globally, women spend significantly more time than men – often up to ten times as much – on unpaid care, volunteer, and domestic work,” said Saadya Hamdani, Director, Gender Equality at Plan International Canada. “This uneven distribution of work has implications for job segregation and pay equity and it socializes the younger generation to believe gender roles are “normal. This is at the heart of gender inequality; holding back women, families, communities, countries, and the world.”