A24 is auctioning props and costumes to raise money for Covid-19

Known for producing some of the best (and oddest) movies, A24 has been auctioning props and costumes from a few of their films to raise money for Covid-19.

The auction for Midsommar just wrapped up and raised over $100,000 for the FDNY Foundation, the official non-profit for the New York City Fire Department. The original 30 pound (and containing 10,000 silk flowers) May Queen gown sold for $65,000, the May Queen Crown went for $15,000, the Finishing Mallet for $10,000, and the Bear Headdress for $4,750.

If you have (a lot of) extra money lying around and want an expensive new conversation piece, the current auction has a number of props and costume pieces from the film The Lighthouse. The big-ticket item is The Light which is currently sitting at a whopping $80,0000 and the money raised from this auction will go to support the Food Bank for New York City. You can also get Wake’s Pipe, Winslow’s Eight Piece Cap, the Mermaid Carving, and more (if you’re willing to spend a pretty penny).

The next auction will open on May 20th and will contain items from the film Uncut Gems to raise money for Queens Community House.

Featured image courtesy of Bloody Disgusting via bloody-disgusting.com.