Am Shalom Congregation has gotten plenty of zoom practice in ahead of Passover celebrations

Chag Pesach Sameach!

One of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar begins Saturday evening, and for the second year in a row, many will celebrate online.

Passover begins at sundown Saturday, commemorating the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and their transition from slavery to freedom. Just as last year, services will be held virtually, including through the Am Shalom Congregation in Barrie.

“If you had told us a year ago that we would still be doing everything over Zoom I don’t think any of us would have believed it, but here we are,” Jodie Shron, Am Shalom’s administrator, told Barrie 360. “The good thing is we are all experts at Zoom now.”

Shron added, with all the practice they’ve gotten at going digital, online services will continue even after the return to in-person gatherings. “Our membership and the numerous guests who join us each week for regular Saturday or Friday night services also love to utilize the chat option to communicate and we usually stick around for a bit after services to just talk to each other,” she pointed out.

Am Shalom has been working with the Metro grocery store at Kozlov Centre to ensure supplies for the holiday were available in Barrie. “Previously we had to drive down to Toronto to make our purchases,” said Shron, pointing out she supplied the local grocery with a list of about 35 products that were ordered in advance. “There are very strict rules about ensuring all the prepared foods we purchase are made without coming into contact with any leaven. For this reason, all the products we purchase, such as Matzo (unleavened bread similar to a large unsalted cracker), gefilte fish (Jewish cooked fish balls, similar to fiskeballer from Scandinavia), Matzo meal/Cake Meal (ground up Matzo used for baking), and numerous other items need to have a “Kosher for Passover” stamp on it.”

Visit the Am Shalom Congregation website for more information on how you can join virtual Passover services.