An Ontario man has made COVID-19 masks for the hearing impaired

Max Cucchiella has donated 100 masks to the Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf in Barrie

Max Cucchiella said it was a part of society that was forgotten about when people began wearing masks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mississsauga man donated 100 specially designed masks to the Bob Rumball Home For the Deaf in Barrie.

Cucchiella has been churning out masks to those who need them as part of The Como Foundation, which he started when the pandemic forced him to put his construction company on hold.

Bob Rumball reached out to him and together they came up with a design, which Cucchiella has since modified.

The mask covers the nose and and face but there is a clear vinyl insert which allows the hearing impaired to lip read.

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“When everybody started covering their face, they lost communication with society,” said Cucchiella. “It would be something like you and I watching a silent movie with hand signs and lip reading. We wouldn’t know what was going on. As soon as we covered our faces, they didn’t know what was happening anymore.”

Cucchiella believes the deaf were a part of society that nobody thought about.

“We decided to push it and give them a hand.”

The masks are for residents and staff at the centre.

Cucchiella has been getting requests for the masks from around the world.

He said there are many people who are buying masks to donate to some of the places that are in need of it.

Cucchiella has done a redesign of the mask, which he is happier with, and he will drop off the donation to the Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf on Monday and include a $1,000 cheque.