Bar and restaurant patrons must remain seated under new provincial COVID guideline

Province tweaking rules surrounding establishments to help curb COVID

Queen’s Park is handing down some new rules to govern what goes on inside bars and restaurants, in the name of curbing COVID-19 even further.

Moving forward, all patrons will be required to remain seated at all times while inside an establishment, with exceptions like visiting the washroom. This applies to indoor and outdoor seating at all bars, restaurants, or other food or drink establishments.

Bars and restaurants will also be required to keep client logs for 30 days and be able to disclose it to health officials should contact tracing be required. This also applies to tour boat operators under the new rules announced Friday.

“Protecting the health and well-being of all Ontarians has always been our top priority,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “These additional measures will help reduce close contact between individuals in these settings, and support case and contact tracing, thereby limiting the spread of COVID-19.”

In Simcoe County and Muskoka, patrons are also required to wear a mask to and from their table. The mask can be taken off to eat or drink.